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Trading Products - Waterproofing System

Products Packaging Description Typical Application Dosage / Coverage
» WATER PROOFING SYSTEM (Slabs / Toilets / Water tanks / Basement
Koster NB 1 Grey 25 kg bag Watertight (> 130 m water head) mineral waterproofing with subsequently crystallizing agents. Suitable for positive side and negative side waterproofing. A waterproofing made of KÖSTER NB 1 Grey possesses excellent pressure and abrasion resistance. approx.
2 - 4 kg/m²
Koster NB elastic Grey 33 kg combipackage: powder component 25 kg bag, liquid component 8 kg jerrycan For abrasion resistant waterproofing of concrete and masonry structures which are in danger of cracking. KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey is a 2-component system, bridges cracks up to 2 mm and is resistant to pressurized water  It is suitable for the waterproofing of balconies, terraces and crack bridging waterproofing of concrete elements, also under tiles. Radonproof. approx. 3.6 - 4.5 kg/m²
Koster NB Flex 8 kg can Ready-mixed liquid for KÖSTER NB sealing slurries. The latex based dispersion KÖSTER NB 1 Flex has a plastifying effect, improves the adhesion to the substrate and prevents the premature drying out of the fresh slurry. Ready-mixed liquid for KÖSTER NB sealing slurries. The latex based dispersion KÖSTER NB 1 Flex has a plastifying effect, improves the adhesion to the substrate and prevents the premature drying out of the fresh slurry. approx. 8 kg for 25 kg NB 1 Grey and NB 2 White
Koster Dacflex 20 kg bucket Liquid applied, 1 component synthetic waterproofing for sloped roofs. KÖSTER Dachflex® is a foil like coating, waterproof, water vapor permeable and can be colored. The material is highly elastic, quick drying, pasty, solvent-free and is also suitable for the repair of leaky flat roofs. approx. 0.75 - 1.0 kg/m² per coating
Koster SB Bonding Emulsion 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 30 Kg Multi-purpose liquid plasticizing dispersion for use with all cement based mortars, plasters and sealing slurries. Solvent free, plasticizer and filler free It is waterproof after full cure. Typical field of application: as an additive for waterproofing with NB 1 Grey. . The product provides a plastifying effect, increases the elasticity and reduces the water absorption of mineral systems. 5 - 30 kg per 100l mixing water
Koster Crisin 76 10kg
30 kg
210 drum
Very low viscosity synthetic resin for waterproofing against rising damp (wicking moisture) even in case of high moisture and salt contents in the masonry. Due to its very low density and its surface tension which is considerably lower than that of water, KÖSTER Crisin 76 displaces water from the capillaries. KÖSTER Crisin 76 is resistant to all aggressive media which are usually encountered in masonry such as acids, alkalis and salts, during application as well as after full cure. Tested according to WTA guidelines. Together with KÖSTER Restoration Plasters it is suitable for the restoration of masonry. approx. 0.1 l/m per cm wall thickness
Koster 21 Comp A 8 kg, Comp B 12 kg, 20 kg combipackage; Comp. A 8 kg Comp. B 12 kg A multi purpose waterproofing product with excellent adhesion to dry and moist substrates. KÖSTER 21 is a 2 component, solvent-free, liquid applied, elastic and crack bridging material. It is liquid applied and therefore seamless, which greatly eases application to complicated architectural details. KÖSTER 21 seals against synthetic oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons with high boiling points (up to 2 bar). KÖSTER 21 is not resistant against substances with high aromatic hydrocarbon contents such as benzene, xylene, toluene, etc. In case of questions contact our technical support team. KÖSTER 21 does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC content = 0), is free of polyurethanes, isocyanates, and bitumen. approx. 2.5 - 3.0 kg / m²
Koster  2 IN1 1 kg can
5 kg can
25 kg can
430 kg can
Broadly applicable solvent-free PU injection resin for dry and water bearing cracks. The specialty: KÖSTER 2 IN 1 forms an elastic foam when coming into contact with water which pushes the water out of the crack. If no water is present the material forms an elastic solid body resin and permanently seals the crack. Fields of application: Waterproofing of water bearing and permanently sealing dry cracks in masonry and concrete. approx. 0.1 kg/l void (foam), approx. 1.1 kg/l void (solid resin)
MYK  Schomburg  Top guard 8kg
Two  Componant Cementitous Water Proofing Coating Excellent bonding, durability and water tightness. Blocks the capillaries in the substrate. Allows surface to breathe.
sq.m. 2 or 3 coats recommended for bathroom, Balconies & Terraces
Coverage: 200 sft. In 40 kg set for two coats
MYK Schomburg 2-C 35 kg pkt. Two component 24 kg powder + 11 kg liquid  Used for terraces, balconies, podium slab which is to be water proof, for terrace which have garden with only lawn Coverage: - 170 sft. For two coats in 35 kg set
MYK Schomburg UM 33.33 kg composite Two component 25 kg powder + 8.33 kg liquid Used for terraces, balconies, podium slab which is to be water proof, for terrace which have garden with only lawn Coverage: - 200 sft. In two coats in 33.33 kg set
MYK Schomburg 1-C 25Kg. pack Crystalline waterproofing is a unique one component penetrating system. It penetrates into the concrete & becomes the part of it. Used for large concrete structures such as marine aquarium, water catchment basin, water treatment plant tunnels, etc. Coverage 1 to 1.5 kg per sq.mt.
MYK Aqua fin Admix 20kg & 200kg drums Liquid crystalline admixture for waterproof concrete Precast structures, foundation, concrete slabs, dams, parking structures. 1 % by weight of cement
MYK Aqua fin 1K 25 kg bags Cement based rigid hardening waterproofing coating Waterproofing on concrete, masonry & plaster for interior & exterior use. 2 to 3 kg per Sqmt
MYK Aqua fin- F 5kg & 20 kg Silification solution for rising dampness For damp wall which are in contact with soil, for underground structures. 1.5kg  /sq.m
MYK Saniflex 5 & 25kg pail Single component elastomeric waterproofing coating for wet areas For seamless waterproofing of damp or wet areas in bathroom, kitchen and shower areas. 1 to 1.2 kg per sqmt.
MYK Coat WAC 20 3, 13 &25 kg pail Single component water based acrylic waterproof coating Is used for waterproofing all types of RCC surface such as roofs chajjas, parapet walls & external walls. 2.0 Sqm per kg  per 2 coats
MYK Coat WPU- 1K 12kg & 24kg Single component polyurethane based waterproof coating Is used to protect & waterproof concrete & other masonry surface where prolonged water exposure & damping are present. Bath-1.5-to2 kg /sqm
Terrace=1.8-2 kg/sqm
MYK Gepotect 40 & 400 kg unit Polyurea based heavy duty spray waterproof coating Car park decks, storage tanks, water management, reservoirs, liquid manure, slurry & silage plants. Refer TDS
MYK    Indu-flex CJ13 40 meter roll Hydrophilic      re-swellable water stop bar Is well develop water bar which is very economic & safe to use, compared to usual joint sealing methods (PVC-joint tape, joint sheets, etc.,)  
MYK ASO- joint-tapes system 50 meter Professional joint-tape-technology Submerged areas & construction joints, wet rooms (WC, bathroom, shower & kitchen) below ceramics

Joint tape ASO2000-S for expansion joint

Joint tape ASO2000 for construction joint

MYK Grout ADD 250gms sachet Expansive grout adhesive Cable duct grouting, injection grouting for the cases of honey combed concrete, weak concrete structures. 250gm per bag of cement
MYK Aqua fin – P1(I) 5.5kg Injection resin for the waterproofing of water-bearing cracks Is used for the injection of water-bearing cracks & joints in concrete & stone.
Density 1150gm/liter
MYK Aqua fin- P4(I) 5kg Elastic polyurethane injection resin Is used for the close, waterproofing & elastic connection of cracks, joints & cavities in construction made of concrete, natural stone or bricks.
Density 1000gm /liter
MYK Grout Inject E200 2 & 4.5kg Low viscous epoxy resin injection grout material It is the most ideal product for repairs & rehabilitation of structures showing hair line cracks. Refer TDS
MAPEI Elastic Smart 32 kg pack (A part 24kg + B part 8 kg. Two component flexible cementitious mortar for Waterproofing of concrete. Seals hairline cracks already present in substrate. Waterproofing of toilets / balconies / terraces / swimming pools with net, etc. It has excellent bonding properties when applied o
Coverage 1.7kg/ sqmt. Per mm of thk. 
Adilex Pronto 25kg A SINGLE COMPONENT SEAMLESS WATER PROOFING osmosis systems Repairing underground masonries subject to water & moisture seepage in situation with negative pressure up to 1 atmosphere. 1.6kg/sq.mt per mm of thickness.
Chemistik PMC 500 3kg, 16kg Polymer modified coating Two  COMPONENT CEMENTITIOUS WATER PROOFING COATING Excellent bonding, durability and water tightness. Blocks the capillaries in the substrate. Allows surface to breathe.
sq.m. 2 or 3 coats recommended for bathroom, Balconies, Terraces, as a sandwiched coat
Coverage: 20 to 22 sft per kg.
Chemistik PMC (White) 10kg. Two component polymer modified flexible coating  white in color For cement surfaces on terraces, chajjas, parapets Coverage: 20 to 22 sft. Per kg.
Chemistik Bitufree (SB) 1 liter
4 liter
20 liter
Bituminous cold mastic Mastic compound for waterproofing of roof, terraces, chajjas, AC/G.I. sheet, Mangalore tile roofs, Repairs to tar sheet, Bus & Railway coach roofs. Coverage: 50 to 60 sft. PerKg.
Clear Water Proofer (SB)(CCWP) ½, 1, 4, 20 liter Acrylic transparent Primer to be used in 2 coats. Used for pours surface as a primer coat for WWP for terraces, walls, chajjas, etc. Water proofing of terraces, roofs, parapet walls. Coverage:
First Coat-
60-70 Sqft
Second Coat- 75-85 Sqft.
Chemistik white waterproof (SB) WWP 1litr, 4 liter, 20 liter Prime with Chemistik clear water proofer + Chemistik white water proofer 2 coats white finish Water proofing of terraces having china chips, mosaic tiles, shopping RCC roofs, domes steeples/ folded plate roofs Coverage: 50 to60 sft. Per kg. per coat
Chemistik PU-60 polyurethane water proofing membrane 1, 4, 20 liter Off-white finish, two component polyurethane. Waterproofing of flat & sloping roofs, concrete cementitious surfaces, asbestos & corrugated G 1 sheets, inverted roofing systems, dome type structures. 30-60 sqft/ litr/coat
Chemistik CW-100 17kg two part powder 11.9kg: liquid 5.1kg 2 component, polymer modified flexible coating Heavy duty waterproofing of large tanks, sumps, reservoirs, spray ponds, etc., 0.56 sqmtr / kg /mm thk.
Chemistik PU-30 4, 20 liter One component water based PU coating Protective & decorative coating for clean hygiene rooms. Coverage:

Chemistik PMBM (APP membrane polymer modified bitumen membranes) 1mx10mtr 3mm thickness 2 to 5mm thick. Polymer modified membrane. Ideal for waterproofing of all types of roofs, roof gardens, foundations, parking decks, bridges & viaducts, hydraulic works, sunken slabs, etc.  
Chemistik Water Tank Coating (Grey) CW100 17kg. Two component tank waterproof coating Polymer modified coating Used for potable containers, tanks, reservoirs, swimming pool, planters boxes Coverage: 10 to 12 sqft per kg.
Chemistik Prime-N-Seal 4, 20 liter Single component primer Primer coat for parapets, chhajas, external wall of building, and for paints & distemper. Coverage:
60-70 Sqft

Chemistik Pro Decor Damp Proofer (PDDP) ½, 1, 4, 20 liter Prime surface with Chemistik prime-N-Seal + Chemistik pro décor 2 coats Water proofing cum decorating of external & internal walls, chajjas, parapet walls. Coverage:
First Coat-
60-70 Sqft
Second Coat- 75-85 Sqft.
Chemistik Rubberized Water Proof Coating (RWPC) 1, 4,& 20 liter Prime with Chemistik bitu seal coat+ 2 coats RWPC. Black finish. Waterproofing of terraces (PCC/RCC), etc AC./GI. Sheets. Coverage:
40-45 Sqft.
Mapei Band 50mx 12cm rolls; 10m x 12cm rolls; sealing gasket for outlets 120x120 mm & 300x300 mm; inside corner 90C; outside corner 270C; cross & T special profiles. WATER PROOFING TAPE ROLLS Sealing of roof cap, repairing cracked concrete, sealing of damp proofing rooms.  
Mapei Planicrete SP 25-10-5kg drums & 12x1 kg packs. Substrate Preparation For the preparation of high performance mortar, screeds and renders. 24months. Protect from frost.
Mapei Mapelastic Smart 32 kg kit (part A 24 kg+ Part B 8kg) & 16 kg units Water proofers Is used to protect concrete structures, renders with hairline cracks and cementitious surfaces, in general. 1.7kg/m per mm of thickness. 2.2kg/m per mm of thickness when applied by spray.
Mapei Mapelastic foundation 22kg bags + 10kg drums Water proofers Is a two-component, cementitious binder-based mortar with fine-grained selected aggregates, special additives and synthetic polymer with water description. 1.65kg/m per mm of thickness
Mapei Mapelastic Aqua Defense 15kg Drum Water proofers Is a sky blue, one component paste used for a quick waterproofing applications on balconies, bathroom,etc. 1.3kg/m per mm of thickness equal to 1kg for 2 coats of product
Mapei Mapegum WPS 10kg drum Water proofers Is a liquid waterproofing membrane for interior surfaces provided they are not continually immersed in water or subject to rising damp. 1.5kg/m per mm of thickness.
Mapei Idrosilex 2K (Planiseal 288) 20kg: 20kg bag (part A), 5kg drum (Part B) Water proofers Is a two-component mortar, composed of a cement-based compound, selected grade aggregates, special additives. 10sqmt per set of material
Mapei Aquaflex Roofs HR 20kg drum Water proofers Is a ready to use colored waterproofing product for flat roofs, balconies and terraces, guttering and downpipes, cupolas and curved roofs. 1.3kg per sq.mtr/ per mm of thickness.
Mapei Purtop 600 Component A: 210kg drums; Component B: 220kg drums Water proofers It is suitable for application on horizontal slopping and curved surfaces. It is also suitable for waterproofing both new and old structures. 2kg per sq.mtr/ per 2mm of thickness.
MapetexSel 25m x 1m rolls Water proofers Reinforcement in macro-holed polypropylene fabric used together with Mapelastic and mapesmart, flexible cementitious membranes for waterproofing and protecting new concrete surface.  
Mapei Adesilex   PG 4 6kg(A+B) Water proofers Is used for both as an adhesive for bonding synthetic braces used in waterproofing application. 1.55kg/m per mm of thickness
Mapei Mapeband TPE 170:30m x 17 cm rolls; 325:30m x 32.5cm rolls Water proofers It ts particularly recommended for waterproofing structural joints in covering applications terraces and swimming pads.  
Mapei Mapeproof Swell Boxes containing 6 cartridges, each one containing 320 c.c Water proofers Used for sealing pipe- work as passes through concrete, sealing spacers in framework.  
Idrostop Idrostop 10 (size 20x10mm): 6 rolls of 10m Idrostop 15(size 20x15mm): 6rolls of 7m Idrostop 25(size 20x25mm): 6rolls of 5m Water proofers sweallable bar Is a soft performed flexible strip, with an acrylic polymer base specially designed to form watertight construction joints up to a hydraulic pressure of 5 atm.  
Mapei Mapecoat DW25 5kg kits(A+B) Water proofers Protection of floors in the food industry and areas used for the production or processing of foodstuff.  
Mapei Mapecoat I 24 5kg Water proofers Is two-component epoxy paint. Prior to use, the components must be thoroughly mixed until complete homogeneity is obtained.  
Antipluviol 5kg Water proofers High –performance, silicone water-repellent in watery solution for external wall. 0.5kg to 1 kg per sq.mtr.
Supreme Dura-membrane 1mtr x 50mtr roll Is a new generation, non-bitumen based, cost effective solution for waterproofing of basement & roofs. Concrete roof waterproofing, bathrooms, terrace gardens.  

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