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Trading Products - Repairs and Surface Treatment

Products Packaging Description Typical Application Dosage / Coverage
» Repairs and Surface Treatment
Koster  SBR Bonding Liquid 5 kg
10 kg
30 kg
Multi-purpose liquid plasticizing dispersion for use with all cement based mortars, plasters and sealing slurries. Solvent free, plasticizer and filler free.  The product provides a plastifying effect, increases the elasticity and reduces the water absorption of mineral systems. It is waterproof after full cure. Typical field of application: as an additive for waterproofing with NB 1 Grey. 5 - 30 kg per 100l mixing water
Koster betamor Multi  A 6 kg
Shrink-free, fast curing multi purpose mortar for concrete restoration.   In particular suitable for the protection of exposed reinforcement steel: It unites corrosion protection, coarse mortar, fine filler and bonding bridge in one product. For layer thicknesses from 0 – 60 mm. approx. 200 - 300 g/m² per coating
Koster waterstop 15 kg Fast setting, slightly expanding plug and repair mortar. A strong-bond between existing substrate and the mortar is achieved. Suitable to permanently plug active water leakages. approx. 2 kg/l void
Koster KD 2 Blitz 1 kg
6 kg
15 kg
Highly reactive powder with an extremely short setting time. Active leakages can be stopped within a few seconds simply by using the dry powder. Used in combination with KÖSTER KD 1 Base and KÖSTER KD 3 Sealer for the negative side waterproofing of mineral surfaces such as internal basement waterproofing. The KÖSTER KD System stops flowing water and forms a permanent waterproofing layer on masonry and concrete. approx. 1.8 kg/l void
Koster Polysil TG 500 1 kg bottle
10 kg cane
KÖSTER Polysil® TG 500 is a low viscous, substrate solidifying, hydrophobizing combination product on a polymer / silicate basis for the protection of mineral substrates. On salt containing and moist substrates, it causes a reduction of the pore volume and thereby prevents the renewed formation of salt efflorescence. A primer for mineral substrates before waterproofing with cementitious waterproofing slurries. In case of masonry restoration the product is used during substrate preparation for restoration plaster systems in order to harden the substrate and immobilize salts. Also suitable for the additional hardening of waterproofing slurries approx. 0.1 - 0.13 kg/m² depending on substrate, approx. 0.2 - 0.25 kg/m² for hardening of slurries
Koster PUR Cleaner 10 kg can KÖSTER PUR Cleaner facilitates the cleaning of unreacted
polyurethane. It contains solvents.
Cleaning agent for the removal of fresh polyurethane. Suitable for cleaning tools, e. g. the KÖSTER 1C Injection Pump after injecting KÖSTER Injection Resins. Based on special solvents. As needed
Koster KB FIX 5 15 kg Waterproof, weatherproof, fast curing mortar with high compressive strength (sets after approx. 5 minutes) for fast installations as well as for small repairs of masonry and concrete. Free of soda and chlorides. KÖSTER KB-Fix 5 is intended for swift filling of holes and cracks
in plaster and masonry, for anchoring wall anchors, anchor fittings,
brackets of roof gutters and down pipes, handrails, grates,
radiators as well as for swift repairs at home, for sealing pipe
penetrations KÖSTER KB-Fix 5 is suitable for both inside and
outside use.
approx. 1.8 kg/l void
Koster Repair Mortar 30 kg Hydrophobic, pressurized water resistant mortar with special bonding agents suitable for fillets, repairs and as a barrier-plaster. When mixed with KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion it becomes a PCC Mortar. The mortar has a pot life of approx. 3 hours. Apply KÖSTER
Repair Mortar using customary mason tools. The material can also
be prepared without use of KÖSTER SB-Bonding Emulsion, in this
case add one more liter of water instead.
approx. 1.8 kg/l void
PCT ACR   (Pio bond ACR) 1 lit
5 lit
10 Lit
WATER PROOF ACRYLIC MODIFIER AND BONDING AGENT FOR CEMENTITIOUS MIXES Excellent bonding with most building materials. Outstanding water resistance. Good chemical/salt resistance flexibility.
Coverage: 15kg + 10litre water per 50 kg cement.
PCT  ( Pion bond SBR) 1 lit
5 lit
10 Lit
POLYMER LATEX AND BONDING AGENT FOR CEMENTITIOUS MIXES Excellent bonding with most building materials. Outstanding water resistance. Good chemical/salt resistance flexibility.
Coverage: 25kg + 25litre water per 50 kg cement.
Mapei Planicrete 25cans Substrate Preparation Synthetic- rubber latex for cementitious mixes.  
Mapei Eporip 2kg kits Substrate Preparation Two- component solvent free epoxy adhesive for construction joints and for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds  
Mapei Nivoplan 25kg bag Substrate Preparation Leveling mortar for interior and exterior walls and ceiling.  
Mapei Mapegrout Thixotropic 25kg bags Repair Mortar Shrinkage- compensated fiber-reinforced thixotropic mortar for concrete repair.  
Mapei Mapegrout SV 25kg paper bags Repair Mortar Quick-setting and hardening, compensated-shrinkage hi-flow mortar for repairing concrete and fixing drains, manholes and urban architectural fitting in place.  
Mapei Mapegrout T40 25kg bags Repair Mortar Medium strength (40 MPa) fiber-reinforced thixotropic mortar for the repair of concrete.  
MYK-Schomburg Crete MC 25kg HDPE Non- shrink cementitious repair concrete Strengthening of vertical columns, for grouting of large gaps  
MYK-Schomburg  repair crete RN 25kg HDPE Polymer modified repair mortar For repair of ruptures & defects in walls & ceilings made of concrete & precast concrete. For the preparation of concave molding.  
MYK-Schoburg Asocrete IM 25kg Crystalline based repair & sealing mortar for concrete. Is used for watertight filing of opened-up cracks & cavities that are to be covered subsequently with. For U shaped cracks cut out to 25x25mm approx 1.3kg/m
MYK-Schomburg  crete CMS 4500  25kg kit packed, powder part:-25kg+ liquid part: 1kg Two component structural grade polymer modified cementitious repair mortar and screed. High strength contains no chlorides, shrinkage compensated, and excellent bond to the concrete substrate. Approx. 13litr./ per 26kg pack.
MYK-Schomburg  Also EZ2 25kg Special cements for floor repairs & screed Bulk density, water addition, mixing ratio, traffic after, pot life. 1:4 parts by weight relates to approx. 1:2:7 parts by volume.
MYK-Schomburg  ASO EZ6 25kg Rapid setting screed Basis: special cement, additives, bulk density of fresh mortar, fully curved after: approx. 7 days. 1:4 parts by weight relates to approx.
MYK-Schomburg  fix 105 2kg Chloride free instant plugging cement Subsequent sealing of surface leakage, water leak & damp areas in cellars.  
MYK-Schomburg  bond SBR 45 5kg & 20 kg Cement mortar & screed modifier cum bonding agent. Concrete repair & adhesive mortar, screed, roof finishing, rendering & coating. 4.5 sq.mtr/kg
MYK-Schomburg  indufloor ERM 24kg Epoxy repair mortar Heavy duty mortar for filing of voids & pots holes in the concrete substrates. Approx. 2kg/sq.mtr/mm thickness
MYK-Schomburg  Bond AR 43 5Kg & 20kg Acrylic emulsion based concrete bonding agent As a bonding agent, As a mortar modifier. 4-5 sq.mtr/kg
MYK-Schomburg  Bond EBA 1kg & 3kg Epoxy resin based concrete bonding agent For all areas where bonding is required for old to new concrete. Used for vertical & horizontal surface where mortar & concrete can be supported. 4-5 sq.mtr/kg depending on the surface condition
MYK-Schomburg  Bond TBA 6kg Precast segmental epoxy adhesive Excellent squeezability, very good bond strength, fast cure, non-sag Approx 3.2kg/ sq.mtr @ 2mm thickness
MYK-Schomburg  Coat Anti- carb 5kg Anti carbonation coating New & existing concrete & masonry structures car parks, commercial & industrial buildings, bridges, subways, high rise building/dams/flyovers 4sq.mtr/kg/coat
MYK-Schomburg  Asolin WS 17.5kg Solvent based water repellant Light concrete & natural stones, suitable for pours like bricks unsintered clinker split. Between 100-1000ml/ sq.m depending on the substrate.
MYK-Schomburg  Asolin W25 5kg & 20kg Water based silicon water repellant Suitable for all types of building materials, light concrete. 2sq.mtr/kg depending on the surface
MYK-Schomburg  coat ARC 4kg Acid resistant epoxy coating Ideal coating for chemical storage tanks, dike walls, & containment areas where chemical resistance to acids is needed. For walls: 10sq.mtr @ 0.5mm thick
MYK-Schomburg Coat HR 316 10.8kg Heat resistant epoxy coating Chemical industries, sewage treatment plant & equipment, heat resistant coating to steel & concrete. 150g/sq.mtr for 100 microns thick DFT
MYK-Schomburg Coat CT 6.9kg High performance coal tar epoxy Storage silos for granular chemicals, coating of drain pipes of aqueous wastes, effluent plants. Approx. 3sq.mtr/ kg @300 microns wft.
MYK-Schomburg Coat EP 4100 12kg Epoxy resin tank & surface lining material A hygienic & chemical resistant coating for brick & concrete walls, concrete & metal tanks, sluices & duct. 12kg pack is cover 32 sq.mtr @250 microns thickness/ coat
MYK-Schomburg Coat ZP 1.6kg & 6.4kg Epoxy zinc rich primer For repair of reinforced bars for anti corrosive system on exterior surface of machinery, fertilizers tanks & griders in industries. 6.5sq.mtr/kg for a DFT of 50mic
Chemistik CCM-10 (concrete curring menbrane) 5,10,200 liter Accelerate setting time. Water white liquid Irrigation canals, dams, highways, runways, roofs, cooling tower,etc. in fact, all vertical or sloping cement surfaces where moist curring becomes difficult.  
Chemistik EP-TAC 303 Pre- packed unit pair of 1, 4, &20 liter 2- component, light brownish, brushable liquid. Adhesion promoter/ bonding agent, tie coat between old, hardened with new, fresh concrete, prevent corrosion of reinforcement in concrete. 60-65 ssq./ft./coat/ltr
Chemistik EP- TAR-202 (coal tar epoxy) 1, 4, 20 liter Prime with Chemistik EP-TAC-303 +two coats EP TAR-202 .black finish Anti-corrosion of concrete, plaster, iron, steel, sewage works, also,, protective corrosion inhibitor coating material in hydraulic steel construction. 70-80 sq.ft/ltr/coat; 50-60 sq.ft./ltr/coat
Chemistik EP GLASS-333 (epoxy enamel paint) 1, 4, 20 liter Chemistik EP gloss-333 top coat. Available in selected colors. Also available in high build. Protection against corrosion & decorative coating for steel, metal tanks, pipe lines, chemical, petroleum,ships,etc. 80-90 sq.ft./ltr./coat
Chemistik EPZC-300 (Epoxy zinc-rich primer) 1, 4.20 liter 2-component primer prior to top coat Long life primer on sluice gates, crest gates, floating roofs or tanks, structural steel in docks,etc.  
Chemistik EPZCH-401 (epoxy zinc chromate primer) 1, 4.20 liter 2- component, zinc chromate epoxy primer, yellow in color Ideal as a metal primer in pulp, paper mills, refineries, petrochemicals & metal industries.  
Chemistik EP RO-400 (Epoxy red oxide primer) 1, 4.20 liter 2-component, red oxide epoxy primer Used a metal primer in pulp, paper mills, refineries, petrochemicals & metal industries.  
Chemistik EP GI 405 (Epoxy GI primer) 1, 4.20 liter 2- component, white epoxy coating Highly recommended primer for galvanized surface.  
Chemistik repair plaster RP-100 Poly-lined bag 40kgs Polymer modified repair plaster. Quick & easy repairs to a variety of concrete & masonary surfaces.  
Chemistik micro concrete MC-500 Poly-lined bag 25kgs Free flowing micro concrete Ready mixed concrete for quick repairs to a variety of concrete surfaces.  
Chemistik chemigrout GP-200 Poly-lined bag 25kgs Cementitious non shrink grout General purpose grout for grouting & repairs.  
Chemistik rapid RM-400 25kgs packs Acrylic rapid repair mortar Quick repair to a variety of concrete surface where little or no downtime is available.  
Buildcore CoreRep Micro 25 kg  It is ready cementitious micro concrete. When mixed with clean water it gives a non segregating non shrink free flowing repair micro concrete It is economical & highly durable rpair mortar.
It is ready to use at site only water has to be added at site
Excellent workability & hence can be poured in to restricted locations
Free flow and hence does not require vibration
Build core Corebond Epoxy Bonding agent EP(M) 5 kg can To compound epoxy bonding agent supplied in pre-weighed quantities for ready on site mixing & use Bonding new cementitious materials to existing cement surfaces.
Can be applied on concrete & Mortars.
Facilitates improvement in mechanical strength.
Good positive adhesion

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