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Trading Products - Screeds

Products Packaging Description Typical Application Dosage / Coverage
Mapei Topcem 20 kgbags Substrate Preparation Special fast setting hydraulic binder for the preparation of normal setting and fast drying (4 days) screeds with controlled shrinkage. 0.5-2. kg/sq.mtr per cm of thickness.
Mapei Eporip 2kg kits Substrate Preparation Two- component solvent free epoxy adhesive for construction joints and for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds 0.5-2 kg/sq.mtr (1.35 kg per liter of cavity to be filled).
Mapei Planicrete 25cans Substrate Preparation Synthetic- rubber latex for cementitious mixes. Depends on dilution & thickness of mortar.
Mapei Planicrete SP 25kg can Substrate Preparation Multipurpose latex additive for mortar and cementitious adhesive. Depends on dilution & thickness of mortar.
Mapei Epojet LV 2.5kg kit: 2 kg drums (comp. A) 0.5kg bottles (comp. B) Substrate Preparation Is a two-component low viscous epoxy injection material. Once mixed, it becomes a very fluid liquid that can easily penetrate even in micro cracks.  
Mapei Ultra plan Eco 20 23kg bags Substrate Preparation Rapid hydrating, fast- drying self- leveling compounds. 1.6kg sq.mtr per mm of thickness.
Mapei Ultra top 25kg bags Cementitious Flooring Ultra-fast setting, self-leveling mortar based on special hydraulic binders for abrasion-resistant flooring, thickness from 5 to 40mm.  
Mapaei floor Finish 52W 5.4kg kits (A+B) Cementitious Flooring Two-Component, polyurethane finishing product in water desperation with low Yellowing properties, for anti-dust and anti-oil treatments.  
Mapei Mapefloor Finish 630 20.3kg units(A+B) Cementitious Flooring Two-component, protective acrylic filming agent in water desperation for concrete, Ultra top and Ultra top living floors.  
Mapei Mapecrete Stain Protection 25kg tanks Cementitious Flooring Hydro-oil repellant and anti-stain treatment for concrete, natural stone and cementitious surfaces made from modified organic polymers in a watery solution.  

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