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Our Partners

1. Chemistik

Pioneer Construction Technologies, Pioneers in speciality coating, adhesive & we deal in specialize range of waterproof & weatherproof coating for a host of industrial and domestic needs.

Coatings , sealants, admixtures, anticorrosive coatings, flooring products, membranes, dry mix mortars under the brand name Pioneer Construction Technologies, insulate, protect and safeguard constructions as diverse as housing societies, factories , offices and evern heritage structures.

2. MYK Schomburg

The competence of Pioneer Construction Technologies lies in the fields of :

  • Waterproofing Systems
  • Industrial Floorings ( Epoxies, PU, Cementious)
  • Industrial Grouts and Anchors
  • Repairs & Restoration
  • Concrete Admixtures, Grinding Aids & Surface Treatments
  • Building & Construction Sealants

We offer comprehensive service to professionals in the construction industry, a combination of customer specific products and project oriented application advice. It’s our goal to remain at the forefront of technology in construction chemicals.

Local Experience, Global Expertise is the motto followed by the company to provide latest trends and products systems to the Indian Construction Industry.

This is our guarantee that you are dealing with a partner who wants to know and understand your requirements, and who will take a holistic approach to find a solution tailor made to your needs.

We are sure that you would be interested to know more about the products and the technology. Also if QUALITY is the hall mark for you along with excellent technical service, we are sure that you will give us an opportunity for our mutual benefits.

3. Supreme

"Different Problems, Different Solutions."

Being the second largest economic activity after agriculture, there’s certain responsibility on the Civil Industry to enable the progress of the nation. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that investment in construction accounts for nearly 11% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Rs 15,099.84 billion is likely to be invested in the infrastructure sector over the next five to ten years– in power, roads, bridges, city infrastructure, ports, airports , telecommunications, which would provide a huge boost to the construction industry as a whole.

The role of organizations supporting the construction industry has become more prominent and critical. Exposure to world- class expertise and advent of global players has led to infusion of new materials, equipment and technologies in the construction practices in India. However, quality along with cost- effectiveness remains a serious challenge. Moreover, the gap between the requirements of the construction industry and solutions available remains unfulfilled. To address this need, the Construction Accessories Division of Supreme has developed customized solutions specifically for the construction requirements of various segments.

4. DBC

"Guaranteed Waterproofing with Ecofriendly technology."

Water leakages are very common and widely observed problems in buildings. Water Leakage can be due to several reasons like porosities, honeycombs, cavitations, capillary channels, bad workmanships etc.

These further leads to cracks in the plaster or concrete, through which water can travel and gradually damage the buildings.

Diamond Building Care Ltd. Is an innovative manufacturer adopting scientific approach and developing unique environmentally safe combo waterproofing systems. The vitality of our eco-friendly building products are designed to not only conserve resources like energy, water and raw material but also is cost affective and long lasting solutions. DBC is a turnkey solution provider for commercial, Industrial and residential water proofing solutions. Our reputation is based on the skill, experience, and commitment of our people to the people.

Our one for all waterproofing therapy is embedded with thermal insulation technology which converts buildings with green house effect. As a result building is saved from extreme temperature variation, and ceases water leakage.

Our Service Includes:

  • Roof and Terraces
  • Basement and Retaining wall water proofing
  • Water reservoirs like water tanks, swimming pools , fountains , water parks etc
  • Sewage and water treatment plants
  • Wet room water proofing
  • Expansion Joints and Foundation
  • Specialized leakage treatment

Why Us...?

Some of the reasons which have made us the preferred choice of clients are:

  • Transparent business dealings
  • Reliable services
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Timely execution
  • Application of sophisticated technology
  • Providing End to End damp free Solution

Our Partners