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Trading Products - Industrial Flooring

Products Packaging Description Typical Application Dosage / Coverage
» Industrial Flooring
Chemitik Epoxy slurry mortar 5.6 kgs 2- component instant waterproofing antiskid coating RCC Slabs, lift pits, water tanks, swimming pools, bathrooms, W/C, ms tanks, PVC tanks, efficient tanks, pickling tanks, bedding of acid – proofs tiles in chemical plants & fertilizer plants. 12-15sq.ft per tin of 1.40 kgs
Chemistik EP PLUS – 800 5 kgs, 25 kg High build self smoothing, seamless epoxy resin floor finish. Ideal for concrete floors where high abrasion, resistance, chemical resistance, dust free & hygienic conditions are required. 1st coat 40-50 sq.ft/kg/coat
Chemistik EP PLUS- 500 5 kgs, 25 kg Epoxy coating for hygienic conditions An epoxy coating for floors & walls where light traffic exists. 60-65sq.ft/kg/coat
Chemistik EP SEAL- 100 4, 20 liter Low viscosity light brownish liquid A two component epoxy, penetrating type sealer coat for concrete floor. 70-80 sq.ft/ltr.coat
Chemistik EP PLUS- 1000 SL 5 kgs, 25 kg Self leveling, self smoothing epoxy coating A self leveling, high build, seamless coating for heavy duty floors. 8-10 sq.ft/mm
Chemistik PU 2000SL 20 kgs pack Self-leveling polyurethane A self leveling seamless PU coating for heavy duty floors & having anti-bacterial properties. 2kg/SM/mm
Chemistik Florcote LS- 5000 20 kgs drum Nano lithium floor coating One component seamless floor coating for medium to light traffic. 25gms/SM/coat
Chemistik EP CLEAR- 444 1, 4, 20 liter Two component clear epoxy Highly glossy clear lacquer for smooth surface. 100-125sq.ft/ltr
Chemistik FLORKLIN 20 liter Solvent cleaner Chemical cleaner for highly greasy & oily surface.  
Chemistik RUSCEM 20liter Water white liquid Water based chemical for converting rust to phosphate coating.  
Chemistik floor hardner CH-300 Poly-lined bag 25kgs Floor hardening compound Monolithic concrete floor hardening compound non-metallic.  
Chemistik floor top CH301 Poly-lined bag 25kgs Metallic floor toping compound High strength concrete topping for steel wheel traffic & hot metal environment. 15-20sq.ft/kg

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