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Trading Products - Grouts

Products Packaging Description Typical Application Dosage / Coverage
» Grouts
Buildcore Coregrout EP( LV)Low viscous Epoxy 2 kg. & 4.5 kg. MYK Grout Inject E-200 is a two part epoxy resin system
. Mixed density  : 1060 kg/ cum
It is used for
grouting gaps ranging from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. It is a two
part system consisting of a base and hardener
This is the most ideal product for repairs and rehabilitation of structures showing hair line cracks. It is used to fill up cracks in roof slabs and other areas to make them structurally sound
Buildcore Polyurethane injection system 16 kg pale (10 kg resin+6 kg hardener Solvent free system is a two component polyurethane system consisting of a resin component(135A) & special type of isocyanate comp.(135B) This system is ideally suitable for elastic sealing of cracks in concrete structure as well as area suffering from water leakages  
Buildcore Polyurethane injection system 16 kg can (10kg+6kg catalyst 357A is a solvent free polyurethane injection material which when used in conjunction with coreseal 357 CAT. 357 A consist of an MDI based component & a special catalyst produces an effective mean of stopping water seepage. 357 CAT reacts when comes in contact with water. It is designed to stop running water but permanent sealing should be done by injecting 135A&135B. It is also used for soil stabilization  
Injection Packers 13mm dia & length 80mm to 200mm Metal injection packer Injection packers is used for repairing leaking cracks in any concrete structure. This packers are used for Epoxy & Polyurethene using high pressure injection pumps  
MYK Schomburg Polyester Resin Anchor Grout
Kg. Polyester based two component resin system made for to give excellent anchorage with good corrosion resistance Rock bolting in tunnels, Fixing of foundation bolts, Fixing of reinforcement  
Mapei Epojet LV 2.5kg kit: 2 kg drums (comp.A) 0.5kg bottles (comp. B) Substrate Preparation Is a two-component low viscous epoxy injection material. Once mixed, it becomes a very fluid liquid that can easily penetrate even in micro-cracks.  
Core grout 65 30 kg baginery It is ready to use non shrink free flow cementitious grout. It is specially formulated for critical grouting operation where high strength, tolerance and fluidity are required High early strength
Non shrink with controlled positive expansion
Used for Heavy machinery and equipment foundation, Boiler foundation, cavities, gaps & recesses, Anchorage

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