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Crystallization with Elastic system


This is our main waterproofing system we use extensively for solutions to most critical problems. It is a hydraulically reacting surface waterproofing system in which micro crystals are made to develop in-depth into the pores of concrete forming chained complexes thus blocking the track of water. This is done by a chemical reaction between silicate components & byproduct of hydration process. Our Crystallization system produces Calcium Silicate crystals (unlike Sodium Silicate crystals of other companies which is acidic in nature & corrodes Reinforcement steel bars) and is Alkaline in nature having pH value of 11.5 and is compatible to concrete. Also it is a Two Part system which is elastic (15%) as well as self curing. Crystallization becomes more successful with an Elastic System (85%) over construction joints which are prone to more movements and cracking.


This system is widely suitable for all type of concrete structures like Basements, Dams, Swimming pools, Underground & overhead water tanks, toilets, terraces etc. It provides best and only solution for Negative side waterproofing like basements extending upto property line or old basements as it works even against pressurized water in pores. Also it saves time and money as it forms a parallel activity of a time chart and does not hinder work progress.

Advantages :

  • Non-toxic, Alkaline, pH value 11.5, does not corrode Rebars
  • Self-curing
  • Elastomeric
  • Breathable
  • Increases strength of concrete

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