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Cement Injection Grouting


Injection Grouting is the injection of specially formulated cement-based mixes into the ground to improve its strength or reduce permeability. cement grouting technologies are increasingly chosen for cost-effective, permanent solutions.

Cement grouting is most commonly performed by drilling holes into the foundation to intercept open cracks, joints, fissures or cavities, then pumping under pressure balanced and stabilized grout mixes using a combination of cement, water, and additives. Work generally begins with a base mix and is modified during the grouting process with subsequent mixes in order to achieve closure by reducing permeability to a predetermined lugeon value.

Area of Application :

  • Applied to cracks in concrete, masonry, solid stone walls, cavities, rock pockets, floor toppings, prefabricated concrete parts
  • Used of injecting concrete surface areas in order to strengthen them
  • Used for the closing, sealing and impregnation of cracks, cavities and porous, low strength concrete
  • Injection grouting is used either for sealing the leakage’s or for attending cracks in the structural members
  • In order to fill the pores, honey combs inside the structures injection grouting is adopted before waterproofing and repairing

Features & Benefits :

  • Pressure grouting method is widely employed and it is very successful in solving leakage problem
  • Repairs and waterproofing applications of old buildings
  • Basement waterproofing of new buildings
  • Strengthening of railway bridges (Epoxy grout)
  • Back filling for bridges, tunnels, underground structures etc.
  • Hydroelectric power project

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