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Trading Products - Different Accessories

Products Packaging Description Typical Application Dosage / Coverage
» Different Accessories For Construction & Areas of Application
Astra Concretre Cover blocks Per no. M60 strength  concrete cover blocks  with glass fiber reinforced Can be used for any type of R.C.C. structure with required shape & size  Refer Price list
Supreme Expansion joint Board MHG grade 10 mm thk to 100 mm thk Polymer based cross link expansion board Used for creating the expansion joint of any thickness. Less water absorption & 94 % compression recovery Size 1mtr * 2 meter.
Supreme Dura-board HD100   Is a closed cell, cross linked, pre-molded, high performance joint filler board which is readily compressible & ensures low load transfer. Structural expansion joints in concrete brick & block work, isolation joints to infill panels, bridge decks, abutments, pier hinge joints, etc., backup support for sealant. Size 0.9mtr * 1.8mtr
Supreme Floor Protector 2mm to 5mm thk Polymer based membrane  pink in color Can be used for protecting the floors when other agencies are going to disturb the floor after finishing it Size 1.5 meter * 75 meter length
Supreme XPS Heat Insulation board 25 mm thk to 100mm thk Extruded polysterene boards is an closed cell rigid extruded polystyrene board, which develops a continuous skin surface, derived from its process of manufacture Over deck & Under deck insulation/ roof insulation (concrete/ pitched roof/ inverted roof/ ceiling), wall insulation/ partition wall, flooring insulation, structural sandwich boards, ship building Size 2ft.* 4ft.
Supreme Reflective Heat Insulation Sheet 3mm thk sheet Insu-reflector is a radiant heat reflective insulation material made of polyethylene air bubble film (ABF) laminated with 99% aluminum foil on one or both side with polyethylene membrane in between Under deck insulation Used for G.I. / A.C. sheet roofing, , R.C.C. slab  Size of 1.2mtr * 36 meter.
Rubi Tile Spacers 100no/ pack Size- 1mm to 12mm A truly indispensible range for obtaining perfect finishes in all tiling & floor- laying: that is what the outstanding tile spacer provides you with. To create space in tile for proper thermal expansion & to fill the appropriate filler. You will obtain the best possible finish in all your tilling & flooring jobs. 100 no. in a pkt.
HDP Jali Per bundle High density plastic netting Can be used for column & brick work joint, for treatment of electric jari Size 1mtr * 25 mtr
Glass fiber roll plain 10x10 5x5 3x3  Fiber glass fabric is a good construction material with the excellent properties. Alkali resistant glass fiber mesh. Can be used for column & brick work joint, for treatment of electric jari, as an sandwiched coat in waterproofing coating Size 1 mtr * 50 mtr.Roll 6” *50mtr. Roll
Durable Products Flashing strips Per roll Self adhesive, flexible product of waterproofing, sealing & heat insulation problems, SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) Polymer modified bitumen of 1.5mm thk. Forms the core of five layers composite strip & aluminum covering on top with silicon adhesive layer with release paper Cement based –Asbestose, concrete.            Metal based –Steel Aluminum, copper, Zinc etc. Polymers- Polycarboate, PVC. Wood, Glass Canvas Size 10 mtr roll in 2”, 3”, 4”. 5”, 6”, 8”, & other required size on order
Mapei Mapenet 150 1mtr * 50mtr long rolls. Can be used as an sandwich coat between water proofing coating Alkali-resistant glass fiber mash in compliance with Etag 004 guides for reinforcing waterproof protection.  
Dolphin PP fiber 125gms Pp fiber are anti crack fiber which is feb related polypropane fiber gets uniformly dispersed in every cubic meter. Of concrete mortars. Edge micro secondary  reinforcement system Ready mix concrete, floor screeds, pre-cast concrete & tiles, dry mix, renders, plastering.  
Supreme Insu-shield   Insu-shield is a non-fibrous, fire retardant, closed cell, tri-dimensional chemically cross linked polyethylene foam. AC/Humidification Duct insulation, Under deck insulation, pipelines, Acoustic flooring, etc.  
Supreme Dura roof fill   Is a closed cell, light weight, resilient, soft, polymer based profile. Inserted at metal roofing sheet ends to prevent ingress of water, small birds & airborne dust particles.  
Supreme Dura tapes   Is a closed cell, cross linked, polymer based, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive backed material. Overlap & end laps in roofing (metal/polycarbonate/PVC & Asbestos), in bimetallic corrosion, joint sealing of false ceiling panels.  
Supreme Dura vapour barrier   Is a high performance, composite water vapourbarrier material. It is a cost effective alternative to conventional products like LDPEfilms etc., Bond breaker, separation membrane in building foundations concrete roads, pavements, etc., prevention of water vapour transmission.  
Supreme Dura protector(protection board)   Is a polymer based, high-density, semi-rigid, closed cell product that offers excellent cushioning with better load bearing Protects waterproofing membranes & liquid applied waterproofing in horizontal & vertical applications.  
Supreme Dura shuttering mate   Is a closed cell, polymer based material used as a shuttering for the curing of concrete. It does not allow the slurry to flow off & helps in curring concrete, giving it better strength. Bond breaker between cement & shuttering plate.  
Supreme Dura floorguard (Anti static board)   Is a closed cell, polymer based product with high compression strength which is ideal for industrial flooring. Shop floor of heavy engineering industry, mould shop, unloading bay, machine foundation, assembly line for vibration damping, load bearing for heavy structure,etc.,  
Supreme Dura Rods        
Supreme Block Fillers   It is an special purpose light weight, rigid, high density filler boards. Fire retardant & self extinguishing. Thermal Propeerties:-Reduces Heat load. Closed cell:- Nonwater absorption Quick & simple application:-hence  saves labour & time Replacement of brick bat coba Flat metal deck. Balconies and terraces Audotorium elevated seatings Membrane protection Light weight filler additives to be used with sand mortars  

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